Wellcome at the iString-Shop!

We are pleased to welcome you here as one of the 250 million iPhone owners who have searched for years for a solution to use your iPhone without any cover or cases during the daily use. You do so because you like the unique, modern and sleek design of the iPhone itself! But you also have probably experienced frustrating situations when you can´t keep a stable hold on it! Dropping your iPhone causes serious and expensive damage to it!

Now there is a solution for your uncovered iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S! ...... The Istring Add on Accessory!...The safety-belt for your iPhone!

We designed for you the iString Accessory which increases the safe use of your uncovered iPhone while complementing its modern look and style. You can now securely attach the iString leather strap or any type of chain or jewelry to the iPhone so you can handle the phone more safely during normal daily use. The iString strap acts like a safety belt to keep the phone close at hand. Of course the iString Accessory allows you to use most other Accessories easily, like charger, docking station or music devices.Video_button_10

On the next pages (About us) we have created for you a detailed description and also listed the rates for the different iPhones Accessories in the shop area. Or check out our video clip (Blue button) and installation video (Blue button in the footer).

We hope you enjoy your visit at our store!

We say "THANK YOU" for your visit!

Your iString Shop-Team